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Top Tips

Our Top Tips will help you get the best out of your Tools

Whilst you should always read the instructions that come with your tools most of the time they do not tell you how to actually use them. The following Tips are based on experience and have been put together to help you to get the best out of your Tools.

We welcome any tips you may have and would like to share with other users. Please send them with your name to If we print your Tip then we will send you a free gift as a thank you.

 Whilst we do our best to make sure that the details in these Top Tips are correct we accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies contained within them.



Grip It Fixings are a new range of plasterboard fixings on the market, designed to be able to be used on the "dot and dab" plasterboard as well as normal hollow cavity walls. Due to its slim griping wings it is able to open easily within the dab void to produce an effective secure fixing with excellent load bearing capability of up to 180kgs per fixing! exceeding any cavity wall fixing currently available!

Additional Installation TIPS:

1) When drilling the holes in the plasterboard:

- Too drill the holes for the fixings we either recommend that you use a "flat drill bit" or a "hole saw" (please use the correct size for the fixing being used) - The use of a twist drill is not recommended due to the tearing effect this produces at the back of the plasterboard, where our fixings arms need to open

2) When inserting the grip it fixings in to the plasterboard:

- Gently tap the fixing in to the plasterboard (we recommend that you insert a screw in the fixing and turn three or four times before tapping the fixing in to ensure that you will not loose the fixing behind the cavity) - Do not apply to much pressure when tapping the fixing in to the plasterboard with a hammer

- To ensure that you have tapped the fixing in at the right depth for the arms to open out, we advise that you use the depth gauge provided (on the depth gauge the 3mm protrusion is for non-plastered walls and the 6m protrusion is for plastered walls)

We recommend before inserting the Grip It Fixing you check for any obstructions that may prevent the locking arms from opening.

A good way to make sure you have the right size fixings and associated screw is to purchase the MadAboutTools GripIt Kit. This has the complete range of GripIts and a selection of screws for a variety of solutions.




  • When using this power tool do not place too much pressure on the tool, let the tool do the work.
  • Keep the tool moving whilst making the cut - this helps to remove the spoil and stops the blades jamming in the cut.
  • As the teeth are wider than the blade you can use the side of the teeth to help make the cut wider when removing mortar.
  • Keep the Blade Teeth in tip top condition by regularly sharpening them with the Arbortech A16054 Diamond Blade mounted on a 4" or 4.5" Angle Grinder. 
  • Regularly check the tightness of the screws holding the blades. If they become loose the holes can become oval which will make the blades unusable!
  • Only use the supplied 'Ian' (Hex) Key to tighten the blade screws as when the loop on the Key closes then the screws are done up to the correct torque.
  • Replace any damaged Blade Retaining screws with only genuine Arbortech replacements as they are specially machined to aid blade retention.
  • Give the machine a good vacuum out after use in a dusty environment to help reduce brush and belt wear.
  • Keep the AS170 in its bag to help reduce the possibility of damage whilst in the van - the blades can be damaged if knocked and once bent they cannot be used. Replacements are from £70.


  • SDS Plus & SDS Max Power Tools

 All SDS tools (Drills and Chiseld etc) are a loose fit in the machine chuck because of the hammer action onto the end of the tool. As with any moving parts lubrication is required to ensure the tool moves freeley and does not jam.

The Tool Shank Grease that we sell is made specially for this application and comes in a handy tube which you can throw in your tool case.