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Special Offer on the AS170 Allsaw - Now ONLY £785 +vat

31 August 2012 17:09 are offering, for a limited time, the Arbortech AS170 Allsaw power tool at the remarkable price of ONLY £785 + vat !! (We must be Barking !!!)

Whilst you're ordering this fantastic and unique Power Tool take a look at the range of additional Blades that are available for a range of tasks. All these Blades are at very competitive prices.

So pick yourself up a bargin and get that pointing or wall repair job done in record time saving you money and keeping you and your employees safe!! (when compared to using a 12" spinning disc or Club Hammer and Chisels).

This is THE tool which will SAVE you MONEY. You will be able to Cut Out Bricks and Mortar far quicker, safer and with less damage than any other method. Those customers who have been able to look past the expense of the initial outlay for the machine and blades have seen the potential savings and have then used this tool to MAKE MONEY.

Make the decision NOW as this price cannot be maintained for much longer.

Tips -

When using this power tool do not place too much pressure on the tool, let the tool do the work.

Keep the tool moving whilst making the cut - this helps to remove the spoil and stops the blades jamming in the cut.

As the teeth are wider than the blade you can use the side of the teeth to help make the cut wider when pointing. 

Regularly check the tightness of the screws holding the blades. If they become loose the holes can become oval which will make the blades unusable!

Replace any damaged screws with only genuine Arbortech replaces and they are specially machined.

Give the machine a good vacuum out after use in a dust environment to help reduce brush and belt wear.