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Mad About Tools - Arbortech AS170 Tips on how to get the best from your power tool

06 November 2012 13:18

Check out for the Arbortech AS170 and associated Accessories.

Here are a few Top Tips which will help you get the best out of the Machine and keep it going for many years. 

Top Tips -

  • When using this power tool do not place too much pressure on the tool, let the tool do the work.
  • Keep the tool moving whilst making the cut - this helps to remove the spoil and stops the blades jamming in the cut.
  • As the teeth are wider than the blade you can use the side of the teeth to help make the cut wider when pointing.
  • Keep the Blade Teeth in tip top condition by regularly sharpening them with the Arbortech A16054 Diamond Blade mounted on a 4" or 4.5" Angle Grinder. 
  • Regularly check the tightness of the screws holding the blades. If they become loose the holes can become oval which will make the blades unusable!
  • Only use the supplied 'Ian' (Hex) Key to tighten the blade screws as when the loop on the Key closes then screws are done up to the correct torque.
  • Replace any damaged Blade Retaining screws with only genuine Arbortech replacments as they are specially machined to aid blade retension..
  • Give the machine a good vacuum out after use in a dust environment to help reduce brush and belt wear.
  • Keep the AS170 in its bag to help reduce the possibility of damage whilst in the van - the blades can be damaged if knocked and once bent they cannot be used. Replacements are from £60.